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The Beach House Rockaway

It Is The Perfect Escape

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the beach town of Far Rockaway New York, sits an emerging community which is adapting to a hipper and once again surf friendly demographic. Residents are friendly and persevering even through the setbacks of hurricane Sandy (2012). This community is showing increased efforts on promoting arts and culture with a promise of a state of the art amphitheater. 

Nestled in this revamping vibrancy is “The Beach House”. We are steps away from Far Rockaway beach as well the beautiful Jamaica bay waterfront.  Our very modern three-bedroom colonial style duplex apartment consists of an open floor plan; formal dining area, two bedrooms on the first floor, and a master suite. Groups of friends and families have an option of booking all three rooms, the master suite or just two rooms.

This vacation rental is equipped with central air, the guest has the option to easily control their own temperature setting. Guests have the amenity of a private parking space conveniently located in the front driveway. Vacation amenities further include a dryer and washer, oven, Bluetooth speakers, refrigerator, coffee machine, electric hot water kettle, and a toaster. Guests can choose from two of the queen-sized comfortable beds or the king sized located in the master suite.

A backyard designed with our guest in mind, consisting of a beautiful deck and hang out area with comfortable and clean lounge furniture. A hot tub is included which is cleaned after every visit. The hot tub includes Bluetooth speakers and subwoofer, neck, shoulder, calf, and foot jets. There is an option for bicycle usage if guests would like to explore our community and boardwalk. These and more can all be enjoyed after an optional day of surfing and funning at Rockaway beach. Rockaway beach is the only legal surfing beach in New York City.

Specific to our guest is also an option for an in-ground pool at an extra fee if you so desire. Breakfast and lunch can also be requested and delivered to your door at an extra fee.  These are just some of the personal options that are offered at the beach house… if our guest should decide a day of lounging on the property works better for them, of course, there are options of these same services around our beautiful Rockaway community.

Our very special vacation spot is also located steps from the New York city public transportation system and 7.9 miles a 15-minute drive from JFK international airport. Visitors and beach goers can take advantage of our laid-back local bars, cafes, pizza parlors, wine bars and other indoor and outdoor casual dining. 

Most importantly always remember Rockaway is not a place, it’s a lifestyle. Come have some fun!!!


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